“Here let me help you. Hold my hand.” I saw my hand reach out. However, the moment I touch the other’s hand. The person immediately burst into butterflies. Light blue butterflies which looked like they were made out of glass.

Then, the alarm clock rang…

Shooting up from my bed, I thought She disappeared again. Wait, how do I know that it is a she? Why do I keep having this dream? Is something about to happen?

It was true that this dream had kept repeating. But it did not make ANY sense. So, I did not tell anyone. However, whenever I saw a butterfly, orange, yellow, or any colour, really, I would remember the dream. It would make me more confused than ever. What in the world was going to happen?

Absurd dreams, though. They do have a way of becoming real.


I mean. I had been having a dream about a person bursting into butterflies. Then the day I had nearly seen her face in the dream, I had woken up too early for some reason…

Unable to fall asleep again, I went out for a walk.

Just like in any story you can find written by amateurish authors, there was a park near my house. I swear my life is really like a story… I mean who has recurring dreams that makes no sense. Story characters, of course.

Yeah. But I did find someone at the bench though. Someone who would make me question if I really wasn’t in a story. But it is happening, so I am most probably not in a story. Right?

Fine. Yes I know. I ave to tell you who the person was. It was a little girl. But what is a girl doing out here in a park in the middle of the night? Well, she seemed to be talking to a … butterfly?

Yes, a butterfly. A blue butterfly. One which looked like it was made out glass.

“I wonder whether she has noticed her dreams. I was trying to talk to her after all…” The girl had spoke to the butterfly, as it fluttered its wings, while it perched on her finger.

As she continued speaking to the butterfly, I decided that I had intruded too much on her privacy. However, as I turned to go, she spoke up. “I know you are there. You do not have to hide you know.” Startled, I turned around so fast, that I fell, scraping my knee in the process.

The little girl then jumped down from the park bench. The leaves crackled under her feet as she padded towards me.

“Don’t be scared of me. I am just a child after all. Right? What can I do?” She whispered

Reaching down, she squatted in front of me.

I have been watching over you anyway. Don’t worry. She whispered into my ear, her breath so warm as it tickled the nape of my neck.

“Here let me help you. Hold my hand.” she said, pulling back as she reached out a hand to me, pulling me back to my feet.

As I got up, the girl started to disappear, as more blue butterflies surrounded her.

Then, it came to the point that her hand left my grasp. It was spontaneous, but the girl still burst into a swarm of butterflies. Just like in my dream.

The glass-like, blue, butterflies were equally magnificent, equally majestic, equally mysterious.

Even more mysterious was that the scrap on my knee had totally healed. Don’t ask me. How that happened, is still a mystery to me.

What was even more weird was that a blue butterfly has been following me ever since the meeting with the little girl.

Whenever I wondered why this was so though, I would remember what the girl had whispered to me.

I have been watching over you anyway. Don’t worry.

Perhaps she still is watching over me.

Maybe the person is you.


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